The Catalyst For Change

The traditional centralized energy grid is fast evolving into a distributed grid through large scale introduction of affordable renewable energy production, storage and IoT technologies at the edge of the grid. These technologies provide the opportunity to optimize smart energy homes and micro-grids, while driving efficiency across the national grid.


As we continue our transition to an energy sustainable society, cooperation among all grid points and users will greatly increase, thus minimising energy waste and maximising clean energy usage. More and more consumers are becoming “prosumers” (consumers who are also producers) and traders of energy, and communities of conscious energy users are growing. In the near future, energy production, storage, and usage will all be optimised and traded automatically among millions on the grid.

The New Face Of Energy

The evolution of a new electricity grid enables seamlessly adding renewable energy sources and intelligently managing distributed energy production and storage. Ideally, this will result in a clean, resilient and more efficient energy grid that promotes our transition to an energy-sustainable society.
Millions of energy-related Artificial Intelligence agents will optimize our smart energy homes and appliances in order to maximize energy utilization and will allow us all to trade efficiently with our neighbors, communities, and the rest of the grid.