Energy AI

FSight has created the first Energy Artificial Intelligence for the Distributed Grid
By forecasting and analyzing energy flows we enable utilities, smart home provides and distributed energy resource owners to optimize behind-the-meter energy generation, storage, usage and trading. Each Energy AI agent acts both independently and cooperatively to ensure maximum utilization of the distributed energy resources such as renewable production, storage, and smart appliances. Energy AI masters the distributed grid environment in any possible setup.
Energy AI has 3 major modules


Collects data from various sources (e.g. smart meters, weather forecasts providers, special days calendars and more) extrapolates missing consumption data if needed, and forecasts consumption, renewable production, and energy prices for both traditional and distributed grids with full bottom-up architecture.


Optimizes the setup of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), and their real-time operations, based on various inputs such as prediction data, constraints, prosumers, and ecosystem objectives.


Automatically executes Peer-to-Grid and Peer-to-Peer trading decisions. Maximal energy revenues and minimal costs are achieved through an autonomous agent executing trading decisions based on the PREDICT and OPTIMIZE results.

Energy AI / Predict

The evolving grid poses a challenge in terms of Big Data analysis. Our powerful PREDICT tool turns this challenge into an opportunity by organizing the data and mining it for meaningful insights and predictions. With PREDICT, customers can support ever-changing portfolios in the absence of past data by applying data extrapolation and recovery techniques.

Geared towards the distributed grid era and working with many different prediction verticals and
environments, PREDICT provides detailed consumption forecasts, along with renewable energy generation and energy price predictions – instantly, accurately, and in a convenient plug-and-play format.

PREDICT is extremely flexible and supports both short-term and long-term forecasts at any level of granularity for different smart-meter portfolios, all within the same system. It can apply both top-down forecast method (forecast aggregate patterns and drill down) and bottom-up forecast method (forecast individual patterns and aggregate).

Energy AI / Optimize

Our AI agent’s comprehension of the distributed grid allows it to optimize the energy flowing behind the meter by managing demand-side consumption, renewable production, and storage.

The agent automatically makes thousands of decisions per day, such as when to store, when to consume, when to pull energy from the grid, and when to push energy onto the grid. These actions optimize the energy flow with the goals of energy conservation and cost reduction.

By understanding the entire grid, including the usage patterns of each consumer, the system can create optimized smart tariffs, offer optimized photo-voltaic (PV) and battery systems to consumers, and plan an entire microgrid energy resource structure.

Energy AI / Trade

TRADE allows users to trade their excess energy in a fully automated way. The self directed trading agent has access to consumption, production, and price forecasts and ensures maximal revenues for asset owners.

Trading decisions can be executed in both traditional markets by integrating into energy retailers’ price scheme or in a fully P2P manner through Blockchain technology.