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Israeli high-tech network launches Gilboa Iris Pilot Project

Israeli high-tech network launches „Gilboa Iris“– first full-fledged AI-assisted peer-to-peer energy trading project as the next big thing in energy transition FSIGHT’s Energy AI system will be deployed at Kibbutz Maale Gilboa’s facilities, allowing Kibbutz members to trade energy with each other (P2P), using blockchain technology for financial transactions and using the grid operator as a service provider (P2G).

Tel Aviv based Software-as-a-Service company FSIGHT Energy Ltd., Kibbutz Maale Gilboa and Dalia Power Energies Ltd., Israel´s largest Independent Power Producer (IPP), are launching the first full-fledged distributed grid and peer-to-peer community project, utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted energy trading and curating services combined with the blockchain technology for financial transactions.FSIGHT will deploy it’s first-of-its-kindAI-platform “Energy AI” at Maale Gilboa’s facilities to manage energy consumption, production, storage and trading within the Kibbutz community as well as upstream to the national grid.

The Project launches out of stealth with the support of the Israeli Chief Scientist and backed by a global line-up of high-caliber supporters, aiming to repeat the successes in areas like cybersecurity and mobility intelligence.Further leaders from the areas of utilities, storage, smart home, academic institutions, IT players and related industries are in the onboarding process and will join the “Gilboa Iris” pilot consortium as well.

Energy sources will include the national power grid, the Kibbutz’s local power generation facilities, renewable energy from the nearby wind farm and the Kibbutz’s own solar panels. Throughout the Gilboa Iris pilot, FSIGHT will test and fine-tune a combination of different technologies and business models, as well as various features for managing consumption, production, storage and variable energy prices for the benefit of the service providers and the end users. “FSIGHT hopes that the Gilboa Iris pilot will serve as a small-scale proof-of-concept for the sustainable energy community management model of the future“, says FSIGHT CEO Emek Sadot.

The 2-year pilot is currently in the first of two stages. For the next six months FSIGHT will focus on gathering data together with local partners and on defining use cases with the pilot members. In the second stage the use cases will be implemented and tested according to the partners requirements.

A real-life lab in the north of Israel

Kibbutz Maale Gilboa, a community with over a hundred households and over thirty industrial facilities in the north of Israel with advanced energy infrastructure, is home to a unique set of conditions that provide an ideal real-life lab for testing business and technical scenarios for a smart and sustainable energy community. The Kibbutz operates a private grid environment, which is self-regulated and autonomously managed and distributed.

Israel creates a perfect environment for the realization of FSIGHT´s ambition not only because it is providing access to outstanding talent but also because the state of Israel is in the midst of a far-reaching change in the electricity market. The Israeli government has qualified this area as a core innovation area. Israel recently announced to let households lead in solar power growth aiming for a more than threefold increase in renewable energy generation by 2020, with the growth being led by rooftop solar panels targeted to inject more renewables into the mix as well as harness the distributed grid trend to increase national grid security, resiliency and efficiency.

FSIGHT´s product world

„With the decentralization of the energy system, the growth of local generators, demand, economic storage and EVs, the obvious next step is the enablement of local trading options, in future based on a blockchain“, says Professor Michael Süss, Chairman of Oerlikon and Advisory Board Member of FSIGHT.

The FSIGHT product portfolio offers suitable and scalable solutions for all the players of the future energy markets such as utilities, households, micro-producers and the automotive energy which will become of increasing importance for the future energy system. „FSIGHT may hold the key to a future of clean energy by providing the platform for prosumers to participate in the electricity market in an efficient and optimized way”, says Dr. Yael Parag Deputy Dean of the School of Sustainability at the IDC and a member of the pilot steering committee on behalf of IDC.

FSIGHT creates AI-based tools embedding blockchain based processing for our customers to manage the energy transition. They contribute to significant cost savings for consumers as well as for decentralized grid operators and power producers. They further contribute to reducing the overall greenhouse gas-footprint while increasing the security of supply. “FSIGHT is in a position to repeat the Israeli high-tech success in areas like cybersecurity and mobility intelligence. FSIGHT has the expertise, the experience, the technical knowhow, the business capabilities and intimate knowledge of the international energy sector”, says Mr. Amos Lasker former CEO of the Israeli Electric Company and Chairman of FSIGHT.

Join the pilot

FSIGHT welcomes everyone to take part in this exciting experience. Interested companies and institutions can still apply to be part of the pilot. Pilot members will lead the project together with FSIGHT and will influence the test scenarios aligned with their market and regulatory needs. In addition, Pilot members will receive access to all data and insights derived from it.