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Paz Ashdod Refinery signs a new commercial deal with Fsight for its artificial intelligence forecasting solution.

We are happy to welcome Paz Ashdod Refinery, a leading Israeli independent power producer as a new customer for our energy forecasting solution.

Paz Ashdod Refinery uses our energy forecasting solution “PREDICT” for its multi-meter C&I customer portfolio with a total daily load of more than 2.2 GWh. Thanks to our AI, Paz Ashdod Refinery manages to improve its forecast accuracy by 40%, leading to significant cost savings.

Paz Ashdod Refinery made use of our FREE trial offer, allowing them to test our forecasting technology and easily benchmark against competing offerings. The added value of our advanced forecasting and analysis tools provided via our easy to use online dashboard, was clear from the very beginning. Half way into the trial period Fsight and Paz Ashdod Refinery already agreed on a commercial implementation.

“We quickly realized that this is the solution we want to move forward with. Our traders already started using FSIGHT's automatic inputs for their trading decisions during the trial phase” says David Landesman, Director of Power Generation at Paz Ashdod Refinery.

A major milestone has been achieved for both FSIGHT and Paz Ashdod Refinery, and we are looking forward to growing with Paz Ashdod Refinery, as we help them unlock the value of their data.


If you’re interested in initiating a FREE trial for energy forecasting, contact us.