Fsight won the ABB Electrification Smart Power Challenge and starts partnership with ABB

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Fsight won the ABB Electrification Smart Power Challenge and starts partnership with ABB

Fsight convinced ABB with its unique AI energy management platform which performs highly accurate energy forecasting and fully automatic optimization of distributed energy resources. Fsight is now starting a cooperation with ABB Electrification to develop a joint software solution to be posted on the ABB Ability Marketplace with global customer reach.

This partnership will give Fsight the ability to closely interact with experts from ABB Electrification, SynerLeap and Microsoft and build on ABB’s unique tools, infrastructure and customer base.

With a strong partner like ABB, Fsight will further advance in commercializing its energy management technology and improving energy efficiency of their customers. Fsight uses real time consumption load data and data from distributed power sources like solar systems and batteries and optimizes the energy flow within buildings and entire communities.

Fsight's team

The partnership with ABB represents another milestone in Fsight’s commercial strategy to enter into development and sales partnerships with leading global technology companies.

If you want our team to get back to you with more information about our solutions and partnering with Fsight, contact us and you'll hear from us soon.