New Commercial Smart Grid Project in Békéscsaba, Hungary

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New Commercial Smart Grid Project in Békéscsaba, Hungary

Fsight to deploy Energy AI in a first commercial community project in Hungary. The project will take place in Békéscsaba, a southeast city with a population of 70,000 people. It is the largest renewable energy project ever deployed in the country.

The project is funded by Hungary’s Modern Cities Program (MVP) and is supported by the Hungarian National Public Utilities Company (NKM), a subsidiary of the Hungarian Electricity Ltd. and will be implemented in the city of Békéscsaba.



As part of the project, a 1.3 MWp solar PV and a 2.4 MWh battery will be built as part of a smart grid community. The smart grid community system determines when to source energy from renewable generation, how to self optimize the community, when to store energy and when to consume battery-stored energy. Fsight with its Energy AI platform was selected to manage, optimize and run the smart grid community.

As part of the initiative, the municipality will extend the scope into a full fledged smart electricity project by purchasing eight electric buses, building a new solar-powered bus charging garage, and modernizing public lighting by replacing conventional light bulbs with LEDs.

This project demonstrates that how Fsight’s vision for energy communities is already executed commercially.

Link to the article published on Magyar Nemzet:  The development of a smart network can start in Bekescsaba.