Dalia Power

Dalia Power Energies Joins FSIGHT’s Gilboa Iris Pilot

Dalia Power Energies Ltd., Israel’s largest Independent Power Producer, is joining the International Gilboa Iris Pilot Project, the first full-fledged distributed grid and peer-to-peer (P2P) community energy trading project, led by FSIGHT Energy Ltd.

The project will deploy FSIGHT’s Energy AI platform at Maale Gilboa’s facilities in northern Israel, to manage energy consumption, production, storage and P2P trading within the Kibbutz community, driving efficiency across the grid, reducing costs and enabling a sustainable community. Regarding the imperative to stay ahead of the curve in energy-related innovation, Dalia’s CEO Eitan Meir says: “Our complex, multifaceted global energy market is evolving quickly, and it demands that we not only keep pace, but act more rapidly than ever before.

Dalia's Power Plant in Israel

“We’re excited to be collaborating on the Gilboa Iris Pilot with an industry leader like Dalia”, says Emek Sadot, CEO of FSIGHT Energy Ltd. “We hope to be joined by additional thought leaders from the industry and from academia.”Dalia Power Energies Ltd. accounts for about 8% of Israel’s electricity production. The company’s mission is to become the leading player in Israel's electricity sector, while ensuring the production of clean and locally-produced electricity, with maximum efficiency and at a competitive price.