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The “Gilboa Iris” project pilot has launched!
kibbutz Ma’ale Gilboa community, a pioneer in advanced energy infrastructure, FSIGHT and a consortium of international energy companies have partnered to demonstrate the viability of an optimized, efficient and sustainable distributed electricity grid.

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Live Data

Live data from the gilboa Iris pilot project

Energy AI creates a local market in which consumers and producers automatically trade energy with each other on a 15 minutes resolution basis. Local prices are set by the ratio between local supply and demand, and are always better than external prices. The result is that traders use more renewable energy while paying lower bills, and the grid becomes more stable facing fewer congestions.


energy ai - live data

Pilot Objective

verify tomorrow's business models and services.

Pilot members are leading the project together with FSIGHT, and are Influencing the test scenarios according to their their market needs. Pilot members receive full access to all data and insights derived from the project

  • distributed grid business models

  • Regulatory/Market requirements

  • Operational/technical scenarios

  • Various Technologies Integration Methods

Pilot location

About the gilboa kibbutz

Energy AI, FSIGHT’s decentralized energy management system, is now deployed to all the Kibbutz’s assets preforming real time optimization and P2P trading.

The Kibbutz enjoys a unique energy setup, combining regulatory autonomy with advanced distributed energy assets for storage and renewable production. This environment is an ideal test bed for examining and tuning managed energy production and storage, flexible consumption, peer-to-peer trading and other scenarios.


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