The traditional, long-standing energy industry is not used to rapid change. But suddenly so much is new: the data sources, the scale of the data, the optimization and stabilization needs, the players, the business cases and the regulatory questions – are all like never before. Turning these challenges into opportunities requires a highly qualified and diverse team that is experienced and visionary at the same time.

FSIGHT has just that. The team is a rare combination of industry veterans who share an innovative vision with top-notch technologists who took part in designing current industry trends.

Emek Sadot
  • 25+ years’ experience leading startups and corporations, specializing in the energy sector
  • Served as senior director and head of energy services at Better Place
  • National smart grid advisor for the Israeli Public Utility Authority
  • VP R&D
  • CTO at Avaya USA
Nir Badt
VP Strategy
  • 13 years' experience in  advanced energy systems
  • Led Battery and Powertrain  integration product at Better  Place
  • Managed Solar and Pumped  storage Power at Ellomay  Capital
  • Served as Submarine Chief  Eng.
  • Holds B.Sc in physics and economics
Evgeny Finkel
  • 15 years’ expertise in  managing machine learning  R&D groups
  • Led algorithms and technology  for Cellwize, from 0 to 100M  users
  • Co-Author of 8 patents and  patent applications in cellular  and smart grid worlds
  • Holds BA in Computer Science  and an MBA
Prof. Sergei Edelstein
Head of Research
  • 25+ years’ experience in  machine learning algorithms
  • Built patented antenna  optimization at Cellwize
  • Built AI-based network security  solutions for F5 and Radware
  • Co-author of tens of patents and  publications in machine learning
  • Applied Math Associate Professor in Rostov University
Naama Tshuva
Office Manager
Alla Volkov
Yaron Babar
QA Engineer
Shmouel Attali
Software Engineer
Yuval Farkash
Product Manager
Ester Attali
Software Engineer
Yuval Geva
Junior QA
Olga Pokrovski
Software Engineer


Founder & Director
Amos Lasker
Founder & Chairman