Energy Flows
More efficiently with AI

FSIGHT’s Energy AI system is the first-ever fully automated AI agent that predicts, optimizes and trades energy produced "behind-the-meter"
Energy AI achieves a better utilization of distributed electricity grids for smart homes, communities, service providers and energy aggregators

Energy Flows.
Even more with A.I

The first ever fully autonomous A.I agent Predicitng, Optimizing and Trading Distributed Energy on your behalf to ensure maximal revenue and energy resiliency


an energy sustainable society

The evolution of a new electricity grid enables seamlessly adding renewable energy sources into the market, and intelligently managing distributed energy production and storage. FSIGHT’s vision is to create a clean, resilient, and more efficient energy grid that promotes  our transition to an energy-sustainable society.

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Energy AI From private homes to micro grids

Energy AI predicts, optimizes and trades behind-the-meter renewable energy to maximize the value gained from distributed assets such as solar systems, storage devices, electric vehicles and smart devices, while driving efficiency across the grid.

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Machine Learning Built for Fog architecture

FSIGHT uses a hybrid agent approach for both centralized online mode and decentralized offline mode to ensure maximal performance in everyday operation without compromising resiliency during grid or communication failures.

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Energy AI

FSIGHT has created the first Energy Artifical Intelligence

By forecasting and analyzing energy flows we enable utilities, smart home providers and distributed energy resource owners to optimize behind-the-meter energy generation, storage, usage and trading. Each agent acts both independently and cooperatively to ensure maximum utilization of the distributed energy resources such as renewable production, storage, and smart appliances.

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